Saturday, September 11, 2010


Two dove releases in the community today in memory of 9/11:

12pm Kitty Hawk Fire Department - White doves released as of a nationwide memorial in which over 3,000 white doves have been pledged to be released simultaneously in memory of all those who paid the ultimate price in the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

6:00 -6:30pm ‎9/11 Remembrance, Nags Head at St. Andrews by the Sea Chapel. Local fire departments will be on hand with their apparatus. White Doves will be released outside before the service starts in the chapel.

My sister found this poem - she'll be reading it at the noon release at the KHFD.


9-11, emergency some will say,
but no one will forget that September day.

When the strongest people and the bravest souls
risked their lives to go below.

The crashing towers falling down
spreading sadness all around.

We felt bravery for those who knew the cost,
and we felt sadness for all the ones we lost.

But out of the rubble rose wings of Hope
maybe someday we all will cope.

But until that day we all will grieve
and deal with a memory that will never leave.

For our answers we look to the heavens
and deal with the pain of September 11th.

By: Jammie Howard 12

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