Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post by Pickles


I think Ringo has finally left the nest box for good. Boy, it took a long time for him to leave. But I don't have the heart to kick him down to the floor if he's not ready. Even if he is barely a squeaker anymore. It's been kinda nice having him around and Charley didn't seem to mind. But with two more on they way ready to hatch any day, there wasn't a chance for Ringo to get in the nest bowl anyway. Time to find his own way.

Ollie and Uma upstairs have been sitting their eggs a loooonnng time. I'm thinking those eggs were switched on them. They are kinda daft. Don't think I'd let them reproduce either if I had a choice. Those kids would be sliding on in here before you knew it and they wouldn't miss 'em. They act like its a bother keeping them fed. And they must know I'm a sucker for young ins. I take good care of them. Probably why no one messes with my eggs. Besides, not much else to do now that we are on lock down. One dang bird doesn't make it home and we all have to suffer. Wonder where he went off to anyway? The people think that maybe a hawk or hunter got him. I think that he went on down south with the geese. These nor'easters are for the birds.

Anyway here comes Charley. His turn to sit these eggs. I'm gonna go get some fresh air. Fly at ya later!

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  1. When Doves Fly, huh? What about When Goats Faint? I mean, sure, the doves get dumped off places and always find their way home, but is that really such a big deal? Aren't birds supposed to fly? Goats, on the other hand, aren't supposed to faint. We're known for being smart, beautiful and getting into a bit of trouble, but the fainting thing is pretty special. And Boots and I have it down to a science. We faint together, in unison, like synchronized swimming, for pete's sake. It has a beauty to it, like a ballet. The humans go crazy when we do it, they smile and laugh and call their other human friends in to see it. They could charge admission to our "fainting", (if only we would tell them when we're doing it. But we love the element of surprise.)
    Those doves, on the other hand, they're in and out, "flying", all day long. That's what they do, for heavens sake. Fainting? That's a whole different ballgame.
    Give me a break. Or an animal cracker. Just the good kind, not that dollar store crap. Speaking of crap, have you seen how much "crap" those doves put out in a day? Really?
    Becky (and Boots)