Monday, April 1, 2013

Going to Be With My Peeps

I was looking out the window of the plane somewhere over Arizona wondering what in the world I was doing flying across the country for a white dove release conference. You've never heard of a conference for white dove releasers? Really? OK I hadn't either. At my real job, a business conference means joining thousands of other internet professionals in one area of the country to learn about the ever changing facets of internet marketing. Now, I was joining about ten, oh wait, nine other members of this group from all over the country. Not to say it isn't a growing industry. There are new businesses joining the National White Dove Release Society all the time. With all they represent, releasing white doves is steeped in tradition, and as awareness grows, demand does too. But it is grown primarily from a love and fascination of the birds, and a desire to share it in important moments in people's lives. Read between the lines... don't quit your day job. It can be a struggle to take the time off or pay the travel expenses to go to the annual meeting so it does tend to be a small group.

So I was extremely grateful for this opportunity. But I was going by myself. My husband begged off as it was his first opportunity to be home for a while. That's what he told me at least, but he's a pigeon racer, and "their" birds (racing pigeons AKA rock doves) fly twice as fast and three times as far as our special occasion pure white ones (racing pigeons AKA rock doves). But he was home to take care of our animals, so I excused him as such to my NWDRS friends.

So here I am flying to the left coast, by myself as I might have mentioned, and then I made the flight attendant mad. Now that is a sin in my family as my oldest sister has been one for over 30 years. But it wasn't my fault. And I'll explain it to her. And she'll be on my side. I'm sure of it.

Anyway, I was anxiously anticipating picking up the rental car and driving an hour in strange darkness to the hotel (arriving after midnight EST).Has anyone else noticed that when you rent a car, especially a brand spankin' new one with 44 miles on it, that you've forgotten how to drive? And since I've been with Steve, I don't drive as much. Especially rental cars.

So yeah I was scared. Releasing birds is a part-time gig; albeit, a fun one. But I knew I wasn't giving it the attention they deserved and it was time for a road trip to meet some like minded white dove releasing, homing pigeon fanciers. Out of my comfort zone? Yes. But as they say, that's where the magic happens.

To be continued...


  1. Wonderful! Jeanne, I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next post. Seriously, it's good:-).

    1. Wow, Liz, you made my day. I'd better get writin'. :-)